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Start a business even with poor credit and get the best products at Lenovo.

Your credit score might not be meeting the standards but that doesn’t mean have to give up on your dream of starting a business. There are other ways to fund your business and on the  long run help your credit score go up. The idea here is to look past credit cards and loans to finance your business. According to Entrepreneur some studies show that only 25% of those starting a business relied on credit card and loan to fund their business. That is good news for you that means there are other sources available that don’t look at your credit score.

A great way to finance your business is to borrow from friends or family. This is a good alternative, since your relatives and friends won’t look at your credit score and want to you to succeed as a business owner.

Another alternative is microlenders and web-based lenders. On average web-based options can lend you up to $25,000. This is a good option for those with poor credit, since all payments made are reported to the credit bureau and that can help bump your credit score.

Last option is to search for grants and gifts that might be available for your business type. Gifts include free money of those willing to provide you with a free office space or free service to get your business started.

Now that  you have three options without worrying your low credit score let’s look at products to get at Lenovo.

To run your business at ease consider a ThinkPad X1 Carbon (5th gen). Lightweight, small and portable to take anywhere your business takes you. With a more powerful processor, memory and storage to keep your business on the right track. And a clearer and sharper 14″ display to showcase your business proudly and not have to explain things twice. In a sturdy and durable design that will withstand many drops and much more. WiFi not connecting? No worries X1 Carbon’s Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A keeps you connected and lets you access your data in the cloud. No need to pause what you’re doing, X1 Carbon has a battery life of up to 15.5 hours and even if you’re running low the rapid charge activates and gets you up to 80%. Whether you opt for the classic or modern model be sure you’ll always be covered.

Go minimalist and save space on your desk with an All-in-One desktop from Lenovo. Increase productivity and get things done more efficiently. This powerhouse desktop lets you create presentations, manage spreadsheets and edit images at an ease. Intel Core vPro  processors gives your employees  remote access to all your business desktops. Enjoy a beautiful and detailed wide viewing  angle display. An All-in-One you can use in any environment and count on dependability. Your privacy is fully secure with a a switch to lock-in the built in Camera. This All-in-One gives you the ability to remove or replace HDD and memory remotely without using any tools. Smart USB Protection keeps your data confidential and prevents unauthorized access. Say goodbye to eye straining this AIO prevents glare.

Consider 2-1 tablet and got for a Yoga Tablet from Lenovo. This 2-1 features a light and thin halo keyboard. Laptop or tablet, your choice. For taking notes and drawing, lay flat and  set to create mode. Get serious and type in laptop mode. And use in tablet mode for anything else. This Yoga Tablet includes a real-ink stylus. With a battery life of up to 13 hours you can let your  creativity unfold. Pick from Android or Windows versions. Boost your business productivity and get ready to be amazed of the multitask ability.

Don’t let your poor credit score stop you from starting your business and find the best products at Lenovo to boost your business productivity.

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